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What is Identity? Azure Active Directory is just Active Directory in Azure? Microsoft Graph is a Data Visualization Framework or What?

Daniel Rusnok
5 min readNov 1, 2020
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What is Identity in Cloud

Identity is a unique identification of an object. Such an object can be a human being, machine, or a combination of it. When we talk in the cloud computing context, identity means a set of properties about this object stored in the cloud's datacentre.

Identity & Access Management

Identity Management (IdM) and Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an interchangeable term in identity access management. So if you are reading about one, you are probably reading about the second term too.

IAM is a framework of policies that tell what users can do in their restricted area and what he needs from the user to operate properly. Such systems identify, authenticate, and authorize individuals or hardware applications to use restricted resources.

IAM exists in the world without the internet too. It appears in different forms. For example, the “Staff Only” label at doors in markets, id card pinned at employees suit, or doorman as a profession by itself. Even your dog protecting yard is some Access Management of your property.

Dog protecting an off-limits area.

Every IAM operates in its defined context. The context of IAM specifies the number of properties it needs from the Identity. For example, every patient has a folder with properties about his identity at the doctor's office.

Identity Platform



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