3 Things that Change my Way of Thinking in 2020

This is a list of things that completely changed me in 2020, and it was not the COVID-19.

Daniel Rusnok
5 min readNov 4, 2020


This year is hard for all of us. When everybody is scared of how global warming affects humanity's future, other catastrophes came by. Large fires in Australia, COVID-19 Pandemic, American Riots, and recent events, the Islamic state’s strikes in France and Austria.

But from my individual perspective, I love the year 2020. This year was groundbreaking for my career. My long-term relationship with the love of my life could not be better, and I doubled my incomes in nine months. Here is what happen.


Last year was the last time I was an employee. I quit and concluded a new contract with the same company I worked for, but this time as a hired entrepreneur.

Becoming an entrepreneur was not my idea. The origin of it comes from the CEO of the mentioned company and also my good friend. “It will suit you and open doors for you. You’ll see.” He told me. And in a few months, I find out he was right.

In the spring, the company's IT specialist, where my beloved works, suddenly end his contract, and that company needs to find someone immediately to take his place.

Once you are an entrepreneur, you can have as many customers as you can handle. So I immediately took his place and migrated all of the company’s IT obligations under my wings.

After a tough week of work, the work was done, and now it cost me a few hours of work every month, and I am paid more than well. I couldn’t achieve it if I stay an employee.

Entrepreneurship brings you the freedom to do more and help others more. It unlocks a different way of thinking about work-life.




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